The Magic Library’s Bizarre Encyclopedia

PTG room

Minimum quantity for "The Magic Library’s Bizarre Encyclopedia" is 1 .

The much anticipated 2nd volume of the Projection Table-mapping Game!

Use your magic powers and save the magic academy from peril!

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Time limit : 60 minutes

Total Time spent : About 100 minutes

Team Size : Maximum 6 players per table

Area : Indoors

Starting time : Starting time is fixed

*Up to 2 English tables.

Advanced Tickets


Group Tickets (max 6 players)


*About Group Tickets

Tickets for your own table for a group of 1~6. For those who would like to challenge the game on their own, please purchase the Group Ticket for an entire table for yourself. (If you sign up as a group of 1~5, other players may be assigned to the same table.)

​At-the-door Tickets


① Buy tickets for your preferred date and time slot. Maximum 6 players per team.

Up to 60 people can play at the same time during each session.

② Arrive 10 minutes before the game starts to register.

③ Listen carefully to the game explanation and caution points. Start the game! You have 60 minutes.

④ Game ends. Listen to the debrief where the puzzles are explained.

This is the Royal Magic Academy.

You are an apprentice wizard who attends the academy.

You are on library duty today. The school librarian is out on a work trip and the library is all in your hands to look after.

As usual, you and your friends move swiftly to straighten out the shelves.

All of a sudden, a picture book with a rare magical creature on its cover slips out of your hands.

The moment it touches the ground, you witness a few magical creatures escape from the book!

If nothing is done, the magical creatures will fully materialize in one hour!

Can you capture and return all the escaped magical creatures back into the picture book, and save the academy from this unfortunate incident?!

Q.What time do I have to arrive for the game?

A.Please register 20 minutes before your game session starts.

**Due to the nature of the game, you may not be able to join the game if you arrive late.

Q.How long will the game take?

A.The game itself is only 60 minutes long. However, please estimate the total time to be 90 to 100 minutes including waiting time, explanation of the game, and debrief time after the game has ended.

Q.Can a wheelchair-bound person play?

A.Yes, it is possible

Q.Is there an age limit?

A.Players aged elementary school and above will require a ticket to play. This game can be enjoyed by elementary to high school aged players. However, to fully enjoy the game, we recommend that an elementary school aged player is accompanied by a guardian.

It is common for the guardian to be too absorbed in the puzzles and lost sight of their children while playing. Please be careful of this. Also, this is a team effort game. Please make sure the child does not cause inconvenience to other players at the same table.

Q.Can children or non-Japanese play?

A.A. If the child can read and write, they can play. This game is available in both Japanese and English, so non-Japanese can choose to play the English version.

Q.Is it fixed seating or according to the ticket serial number?

A. It is not fixed seating or according to your ticket serial number. If you are coming with friends, don’t worry if your ticket serial number are not together.

Q.Can I take photos during the game?

A.Yes, you can. However, please do not show photos that contain clues or answers to the puzzles to someone who has not played it yet. Of course, please do not upload it onto the internet as well.

Q. Can I play this game more than once?

A.As there will be a debrief at the end of the game to explain how the game goes if you do not succeed, you are not allowed to play the game again because you will know all the answers.

Q. Can I upload spoilers onto my blog or social media?

A.Spoilers are prohibited for this game. Do not upload answers or photos of the puzzles to your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other digital platform. Please also be careful when you discuss the answers to the game after it has ended. There will be many players in the same floor or facility who have not tried the game yet.