Escape from the Toilet of Despair


Minimum quantity for "Escape from the Toilet of Despair" is 1 .

Locked in the toilet!?

A collaborative effort between SCRAP and Japanese Comedian

Shigeo Takahashi, Savanna.

The first Real Escape Game that is limited to 2 players!

Time limit of 15 minutes.Have a quick go at it!

The only way to escape is to work together!

Pair Ticket (in English)

2,400円(1,200yen per person)

Retry Pair Ticket (in English)

2,000円 (1,000yen per person)

・Buy tickets for your preferred day and time. Or get tickets on the day from the ticket counter on the 1st Floor.

・Arrive 10 minutes before the starting time

・Listen to the rules and instructions careful, and start the game! Work in pairs to clear the game and escape!

・Time limit of 15 minutes. Unlike other Real Escape Games, you can challenge the game a second time!

You are a 5th grade student at an elementary school.

On one faithful day during class, you experience a sharp pain in your stomach. It was just a while more until break time, but unable to hold it in any longer... "T-Teacher... May I go to the restroom?" Through the embarrassment, I mustered the courage to say. All eyes turned to me, and it felt like the entire class was laughing at me through their eyes. I might be overthinking, but it's better than leaking in the classroom! It was that moment when another hand shot into the air. "Teacher, may I go too?" It was the plain kid at the window seat. The kid who is barely noticed in class... Or that might actually be me. Was he having a stomach ache too? "At this time?! Fine, go quickly both of you. And make sure you're back before the school bell goes off!" I stood up and walked out of the classroom as calmly as I could. "Let's hurry. The class will make fun of us if we're not back before the school bell!" "W-Which toilet is the closest?" "The one at the back of the staff room! We can sneak in at this time." "But isn't that one off limits?" "....It's fine! Let's go!" Neither of us knew that this would lead us to the start of an unfortunate event.

That those toilets had such an outrageous trick to them.....!

​Cautionary Points

・Doors open 10 minutes before the starting time

・Make sure to arrive at the registration counter 10 minutes before the game starts

・Due to the nature of the game, you may not be allowed to join if you are late.

・This Real Escape Game title must be challenged in teams of twos.

・Due to the nature of the game, some parts include acting by the staff based on the storyline. Please keep that in mind and enjoy the acting. Also, do note that it is based on schools in Japan. If anything seems unusual to you, please imagine that this is how schools are in Japan!

・Please understand that each player will be placed in a narrow room for this game.